About Us


At Oran Apparel we strive to provide your with the best clothing and accessories, as well as a unique and unforgettable shopping experience. When shopping at any of the Oran locations it is more than just making a purchase. We have created an atmosphere that is all about making you feel confident and comfortable. The moment you walk into the store you will be greeted by our wonderful family staff. We aim to create more than the average retail-customer relationship, instead we create friendship.


Our Hours

Oran Boutique - 1026 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ:

- Monday: Closed (open by appointment only)

- Tuesday: 11AM-6PM

- Wednesday: 11AM-6PM

- Thursday: 11AM-6PM

- Friday: 11AM-6PM

- Saturday: 11AM-6PM


Oran Athleisure - 1102 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ:

- Monday: 12-7PM

- Tuesday: 12-7PM

- Wednesday: 12-7PM

- Thursday: 12-7PM

- Friday: 11AM-6PM

- Saturday: 11AM-6PM

- Sunday: 11AM-6PM